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The third edition of Marka Wspiera Marke show took place in Lodz, on the 1st of June. The first edition (7th of April 2018) gathered over 400 guests, and the second one (22nd of September 2018) seen over 500 attendants, including many famous representatives of the fashion world. Last year, reports and mentions about both events reached over 1,400,000 views on the Internet. In addition, the publications appeared in Polish press – Fashion TV Magazine, Mademoiselle, Law Business Quality, and LifeIn. This time, organizers prepared 500 invitations for the event. Identically like in previous editions, there was a possibility to watch the show online (live-streaming). 10 designers took part in the show, in following order: COSEL, Katarzyna Kukulka, Patrycja Plesiak, Kovalowe, Bartmanska, PILAT, Hulya Eric, Milidiami, Hojnatzka and Angelika Jozefczyk. In total, 122 silhouettes appeared on the catwalk, and the dress of manifold versions was the indisputable empress of most shows. Cosel presented 16 Krolowa Oceanow outfits, inspired by the riches of underwater world. We could see corals, fish, waves, coral reefs, and all of that in delicate shades of turquoise, sapphire and azure, so the thoughts of all guest turned towards holidays. The designer invited other brands to the show: LaTezza (handbags), Groove (jewellery) and Hammer (footwear).

The next collection, Czarna Ksiazka (Black Book) by Katarzyna Kukulka, surprised us with its complex structure, bringing to mind sheets scattered by the wind. The whole collection, although kept in black, captivated us with its charm, mainly because of the combination of various fabrics. Patrycja Plesiak has exceptionally rich oeuvre. In her newest collection, inspirations came from the beauty of precious stones, which appeared on dresses and tunics, in form of original imprints. Kovalowe brand was set up by two sisters, but Ewelina Kowal, who graduated from The School of Art and Fashion Design, is the creator of outfits in this duet. New Romantic, her diploma proposition, is a return to 80s, with wide shoulders, futuristic collations and brave colours. Especially for the catwalk in Lodz, Kovalowe prepared few completely new propositions. Selected collection, by Klaudia Bartmanska, was the fifth to appear on the stage. The designer received the green card in the competition and surprised the audience with her uninhibited imagination, connecting laminated leathers with delicacy of silk chiffon and shimmering satin. Renee shoes were presented on the show as a guest too. Maciej Pilat focused on light forms and toned colours of grey and beige, which are his trademark. We could also see his original handbags. In turn, Hulya Eric is the designer who focuses on fabric manipulation techniques and experiments with yarn. Her collection magnetised with different forms of cut, ecological leathers and wide jumpers in style of 80s. Milidiami is a praise of femininity, freedom and nature. Long dresses, flowery imprints and silhouettes inspired by Boho style, which has been very fashionably in recent years, are dominating in her newest spring-summer collection. 3 Tygodnie (3 Weeks) collection, by Ewa Chojnacka/ Hojnatzka, the graduate of The School of Art and Fashion Design, offers exquisitely clear and brave propositions for women who know their value, in colours deeply loved by the designer – dark blue and red. The last closing show belonged to Angelika Jozefczyk, who presented 16 silhouettes from Terracotta collection. It was the most colourful collection: strong oranges, greens, mosaics, flowy chiffon dresses and suits appeared on the catwalk. The collection was complemented with Groovy jewellery, Bodyych glasses and Primamoda shoes.

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