What is ‘Marka Wspiera Marke’?

The ‘Marka Wspiera Marke’ (a Brand Supports a Brand) project was born out of deep belief in idea, that if you work on your own, you can achieve a lot, but if you cooperate with others, you can achieve everything. This is the only event in Poland, which connects so many various brands. The multibranding idea contains the thought of mutual support, and because of that, every participant of the event, gives something of himself, but also receives something back!  

Promotion of Polish fashion and design

Connecting brands

Mutual exchange of experience and cooperation


602-634-343 Anna Szubert 42 291 9758 Katarzyna Grzybowska 

kontakt@personalbrandingpolska.pl katarzyna.grzybowska@lodzkie.pl 

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